Immunopathol Persa. 2024;10(1): e35458. doi: 10.34172/ipp.2023.35458


Evaluation of CD133 expression rate in colon cancers with immunohistochemistry method and its relationship with colon cancer prognosis

Mohammad Hossein Sanei 1 ORCID, Tina Foodeh 2 * ORCID, Maryam Sanei 3 ORCID

Cited by CrossRef: 0

1- Arabpour J, Rezaei K, Khojini J, Razi S, Hayati M, Gheibihayat S. The potential role and mechanism of circRNAs in Ferroptosis: A comprehensive review. Pathology - Research and Practice. 2024;255:155203 [Crossref]