Aims & Scope

Immunopathologia Persa is an international peer-reviewed journal which includes the study of the pathology often organ system, an organism or a disease with respect to the immune system, immunity, and immune responses. This journal also contains immunologic mechanisms of injury, and major autoimmune diseases. We also consider papers related to cancers, inflammations either infectious (COVID-19, bacterial or viral) or non-infections and autoimmune diseases.  Likewise, papers related to the gynecologic diseases  will be peer-reviewed. Accordingly drugs related to cancer treatment or transplantation will be consider to peer-review. This journal additionally will peer-review genetic diseases.  Finally inflammatory  and malignant  dental diseases will be included for peer-reviewing. Importantly biomarkers consisting inflammatory and cancer biomarkers are in the domain of this journal to consider.

Immunopathologia Persa helps clinicians and pathologists to better know the immune responses associated with disease and aimed to grow up the developments in the field of immunopathology. The subject of immunopathology is a dynamic, and rapidly growing, sub-specialty of both immunology and pathology.

Journal of Immunopathologia Persa includes some of the most important features of immnulogic basis of the disease. The scientific research international Journal of Immunopathologia Persa (Immunopathol Persa) is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the promotion of treatment of immunopathologic aspects of the diseases. It publishes every six months in March and September of each year. It has pursued this aim through publishing editorials, original research articles, reviews, mini-reviews, commentaries, letters to the editor, hypothesis, case reports, epidemiology and prevention, news and views, brief communications and photo-clinics.