MicroRNAs in nephrology; new concepts

Sepideh Hajian


Key point

MicroRNAs  play  an  important  role  in  kidney  physiology  and  pathology.    In  fact,  targeting of  abnormal  miRNAs  in  patients  is  applicable  for  treatment  of  related  disorders. It  means that, administration of antagomirs as miRNA inhibitors could modulate the effect of miRNAs. Therefore it has therapeutic effect, but there is not sufficient data on the safety of these antisense oligonucleotide  inhibitors.  However,  more  studies  in  animal  models  and  more  clinical researches in this field are necessary.


Citation: Hajian S. MicroRNAs in nephrology; new concepts Immunopathol Persa. 2018;4(1):e07. doi: 10.15171/ipp.2018.07

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