Oxidative stress, free radicals, kidney disease and plant antioxidants

Fatemeh Dehghan Shahreza



Over generation of reactive molecules leads to oxidative stress which is a causative agent of many diseases occurrence including kidney disease. Oxidative stress at kidney tissue induces the cellular signaling pathways which may activate construction of growth and pro-inflammatory mediators, finally, lead to glomerulosclerosis and renal fibrosis. Both enzymatic and low molecular weight antioxidants are able to ameliorate these injurious impacts. Therefore, antioxidants are chemoprotective agents that neutralize cellular macromolecules oxidative damages. Numerous components are recognized to exert antioxidative properties that are originated from medicinal plants and have been administering as resourceful therapeutic approach in various diseases such as kidney failure. Therefore, we summarized the nephron-protective effects of several medicinal plants which are recently investigated at clinical trials.

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